Dream Jungle Tattoo

Work Process and Procedure

Tattoo Care Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you draw a tattoo design for me?

Yes, we welcome all design inquiries.

Depending on the availability of the tattoo artist, we can set up an appointment for you to get a tattoo with a deposit and your tattoo will be designed before your appointment.

In the case of working with master tribal tattoo artist, Aleks Figueroa, his freehand technique is done the day of your scheduled appointment and no design is made before hand.

If you want a design for someone else to tattoo it, that option is welcomed too.  It would have to be treated just like a tattoo and a deposit is made for an appointment date to be set.  That day is reserved for your design and it will be sent to you via email or post according to your correspondence with yoru tattoo artist. Design fees are covered in this community forum.

2. Is there a design fee for a tattoo to be done at Dream Jungle?

No design fee is charged for your tattoo at Dream Jungle Tattoo.

3. Is there a design fee for a tattoo to be done by another tattoo artist outside of Dream Jungle Tattoo?

We encourage that you get your design and tattoo by one of our master tattoo artists, however, if location or inability to get your tattoo by one of our artists is your issue, we can design your tattoo for you for a fee.

We don't typically design for others to tattoo the design but there are exceptions. We encourage that you correspond with us first before choosing this route.

Each artist is different and in the case of Filipino tribal tattoos by Aleks Figueroa, a minimum fee of $400 is charged for design only. You may then get it tattooed by someone else. You will need to follow our booking protocol and submit your payment.

4. What is the availability of a tattoo artist?

Each artist has a different schedule and changes frequently. We suggest that you call the studio at 562.608.8888 or come in person to determine availability of date, times and to set your appointment with a deposit.

5. What are the studio operating hours?

Our trading hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 11 AM to 7 PM. Depending on an artist’s availability, we accept walk-ins and last appointments at 6 PM.

6. I live out of the area and I cannot travel to the studio, what are my options?

There are a few options for non-studio tattoo sessions. We have frequent traveling sessions in various cities and countries, therefore please see our travel dates page and follow through with your appointment request on our contact page.

Appointments are set on a first come, first serve basis and typically are booked several months in advance. Potential space is available but your booking request and deposit is necessary regardless of a full calendar.

If we are not able to book you on the upcoming travel date, we will put you on the stand-by/waitlist and it is possible that you will be on the next travel date in which you will be notified via email or telephone.

7. I do not live in any of the cities on the travel dates page, what are my options?

If you do not see your city on the travel dates page and you are not able to meet in any of the noted cities- you may have a design created for you and it will be treated as a regular tattoo, a payment is required and an appointment will be set for you. Please follow the appointment request protocol on the contact page.

If you would like a one-on-one or group tattoo session(s) in your area, proper coordination is required and the same appointment request protocol must be followed.

8. How old do you have to be to get a tattoo or piercing at the studio?

In the state of California, to be tattooed one must be a minimum of 18 years old.

To be pierced, a person can be 14 years old with a parent present.

There are no exceptions to the above. Our license is at stake and is not worth the trouble.

9. How long do tattoos take?

Tattoos can take anywhere from 30 minutes to multiple days depending on variables that must be discussed in person.

10. How much does a tattoo cost?

Dream Jungle Tattoo has a minimum charge of $60 for a tattoo.

As much as we would like to give a quote over the phone or via e-mail, there are many factors in determining the cost of a tattoo. Size, detail and time are a few variables that play into cost. Therefore, email or phone correspondence is not fair to either you or the tattoo artist.

We encourage that you come into the studio to get a proper quote and set up a time for your tattoo with a deposit. Appointments are made with a deposit only. Deposits go toward the total cost of your tattoo.

11. Do you charge by the hour or by the piece?

We charge by the piece. But if you think about it, it’s both. If you get a quote for a piece, divide that by the time, you have the rate (quote/time=rate). However, the rate is never quite the actual worth of a good artist anyway. There is a lot of time not factored into the rate of an actual tattoo time i.e. conceptualizing and designing. So typically, a broad quote is given.

12. How much is a deposit?

Deposits can range from $50 to $300. The smaller the tattoo, the lesser deposit. The larger the tattoo, the larger the deposit. $50 deposits can only be made in person at the studio. $100 and $300 can be done online.

Large tattoos are considered to be half-sleeves (or larger), back pieces etc. and thus a $300 deposit is required which will be broken up over multiple tattoo sessions.

Online Paypal deposits are accepted on the contact page of this site.

Deposits are final and non-refundable. No exceptions will be made for refunds. We encourage that you come into the studio to get a proper quote and set up a time for your tattoo with a deposit. Appointments are made with a deposit only. Deposits go toward the total cost of your tattoo.

13. Are there refunds on deposits?

Deposits are final and non-refundable. There are no exceptions. We would be happy to reschedule you with a minimum 3-day notice otherwise you are subject to lose your deposit. 

14. Can I set an appointment without a deposit?

Appointments are made with a deposit only. Deposits go toward the total cost of your tattoo.

We encourage that you come into the studio to meet with your artist, get a proper quote and set up a time for your tattoo with a deposit. 

15. Where can I submit a deposit for my tattoo/appointment?

You may submit your tattoo deposit in person between the hours of 11am - 7 pm, Tuesday-Saturday.

You can also submit a Paypal deposit on our contact page.

Please include all your contact information that would assist us to reach you.

Work Process and Procedure

The following process will help you prepare for your tattoo at Dream Jungle Tattoo.

  1. Determine what body part you would like to have tattooed.
  2. Prepare your idea by researching and bringing in your concept by way of reference materials i.e. photos, drawings, text etc.
  3. Your tattoo consultation is an important session to get to know the artist whom you will work with and our introduction to who you are.
  4. After determining what you are interested in, we can determine a cost and if necessary set up an appointment with you for your session.
  5. All sessions require deposit fees to solidify your date and time.
  6. Out-of-studio (out of southern California) consultations can be made via e-mail. If you reside, in neighboring counties to Los Angeles, we highly encourage you to visit us at our studio during our operating hours otherwise you are welcome to drop an e-mail or give us a call.
  7. Required personal information (name, telephone number and e-mail), deposit amount and tattoo description details will be recorded to provide us contact information when we set up your appointment.
  8. You will be given an appointment slip with your deposit amount as your receipt which is required upon the day of your appointment otherwise you may be subject to lose your full deposit.
  9. We accept cash and credit/debit cards for your convenience. Please be prepared to pay for your tattoo session in advance. Please do not inconvenience the studio by having to leave your significant other for collateral while you run to ‘your’ nearest ATM.

Preparation for the day of your tattoo appointment

  1. Get sufficient rest. Your physical condition is of most important to us- before, during and after your tattoo.
  2. Do not stress or have anxiety of receiving your tattoo. There is no need. You are about to receive a beautiful gift for yourself and you should be excited and happy about your transformation.
  3. Do not drink alcohol or take drugs (to include marijuana) 48 hours before your appointment. These substances dilute the bloodstream and make it harder for tattoo artists to work when blood comes spewing out like a Kill Bill movie.
  4. Eat two hours before your appointment. The digestion process is helpful for your body to focus on rather than just pain.
  5. Feel free to bring snacks, and beverages or venture the street to one of the yummy restaurants or convenient stores in the hood. Please dispose all garbage appropriately; we ain’t your mama to clean up after your funky butt.
  6. Keep your entourage to a minimum. Excessive noise and chatter is disturbing to the artists and clients.
  7. Children are welcomed but Dream Jungle is not a nursery. It is not advisable to bring small children to a tattoo studio, as there are many substances not suitable for their snot nose little faces. We love children, we have dozens of them but we opt to bring photos of them instead.
  8. If you have certain medical conditions, please notify your tattoo artist in advance for us to prepare and advise you.
  9. During your tattoo- do not tense. Release your butt cheeks and whoosah. To tense is to strain. You exert more energy tensing your muscles than relaxing and breathing. If you Don't believe us, try it.
  10. Let your tattoo artist know if you are feeling any of the following:
    1. Dizziness or nausea
    2. Anxiety or hypertension
    3. You have to pee or poo.

Our tattoo artists are highly trained to stop, listen and appropriately handle your situation on an as needed basis. Also, see #9.


Please note that the healing period is two weeks (14 days) minimum but can last up to 60 days depending on your adherence to this prescribed care method. Any deviation from this formula will affect your tattoo.


The logic is simple. You wouldn't put lotion on a wound. Do not put lotion on your tattoo until healing process is over.

After a tattoo is created, the body will secret sebum (your natural oil) and blood. When those two liquids sit on the surface of the skin and are in contact with air, it will turn into a scab. Scabbing is the body's natural way of healing however; one can prevent scabbing by washing off those two layers of sebum and blood leaving a flat tattooed surface. We want this.

Around the 4th -5th day mark, a person can experience itching. This is when the hot water treatment is extremely helpful. Hot water exercises the skin allowing air to heal a tattoo from the bottom-up. Just like a wound, what's the best way for it to heal? Answer: Air dry.


    1. WASH

2-3x day with hot water (as hot as you can stand it), if available (but not necessary as long as you wash with clean hands) you may use anti-bacterial soap (Dial or Ivory) by lapping, massaging and washing your new tattoo. If you use soap, be sure to wash the soap out thoroughly.

      1. Do not use direct shower spray.
      2. Do not scrub.
      3. Air dry or pat dry with paper towel only. Terry cloth towel can leave lint on your tattoo.


This is not a necessary step if you keep your tattoo completely clean by washing it twice a day. However, one can apply a very thin film of organic virgin coconut oil (VCO). I prefer this method because

      1. It is organic
      2. I Don't subscribe to western concoctions like tattoo ointments that include ingredients that are not helpful for tattoo healing.

If you have to use over the counter ointments- use A&D or Bacitracin ointment after every wash then discontinue usage after 2 days. Except for VCO, you may use everyday if you wish. Do not use Neosporin- it is too strong.

While your tattoo heals, your potential slight discomfort is part of the tattoo healing process. Clean hot water is your friend. You Don't need anything else.


  • Blood may trickle for the first couple of hours. If you’re a bleeder, just follow above procedure. You’ll be fine.
  • Wear loose cotton clothing. Softer material is nicer to your traumatized skin than abrasive material.
  • Scabbing.
  • Itching. Your tattoo is drying. Translation: Your tattoo is healing. Don't panic.
  • Drying. Do not use any lotion (even Lubriderm) during healing period. Your tattoo is supposed to dry out- that’s what wounds do. It’s natural. Again, Don't panic.
  • If yellowing occurs on the outside of your tattoo, it is infected in which case; you should go to the doctor. You most likely will be prescribed antibiotics and something to help kick out the impurities. If this happens, call us afterwards and we will backtrack as to how your tattoo got infected.


  1. Don't deter from the above tattoo care instructions. If you have any questions or concerns call your tattoo artist immediately.
  2. Don't listen to other people’s advice. Everyone has a different method. If you choose to stray from our method, we have no way of gauging what’s going on with your healing process.
  3. Don't re-bandage.
  4. Don't pick, scratch or hit.
  5. Don't expose to direct sunlight.
  6. Don't allow direct spray or shampoo from shower hit your new tattoo.
  7. Don't swim or hot tub.
  8. Don't sweat profusely.
  9. Don't use any lotion until after the healing period.
  10. Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions, except during dinner.